About Us

Strategic development and port management

  • DsG Consultants is an independent consulting firm created on July 2011 in Southern France by 2 senior consultants, Sylvie Doutres and Sophie Robert.
  • With over 20 years expertise in port and maritime advisory and a strong specialization on dry bulk commodities logistics & maritime supply chain solutions, they have operated within EU, Africa, East Med, Black Sea countries offering skills in logistics, marketing, public relations, intelligence and statistics analysis, combined with an extensive contact network in all Euro-Med port & logistics communities.
  • DSG Consultants provides tailor-made services and assists public and private entities in their international development or their port & logistics projects.

  • Our targeted missions are
    • Market & logistics studies (supply/demand balance, targeted market study, competition analysis, Swot analysis, logistics bottlenecks assessment, actions plan…)
    • Trade flows analysis & forecast (historical port traffic analysis, maritime flows monitoring, creation & update of customized databases, prospective traffic forecast…)
    • Study of port costs and benchmark
    • Port / terminal project management support (sites rating, tenders assistance, economical feasability study, equity/ logistics & commercial partner selection, due diligence, project follow-up, bulk handling & storage technologies state-of-the-art or prescription…)
    • Business Intelligence applied to port, maritime & dry bulk sectors (news digest, strategy oriented port/company analysis, decision-makers mapping, benchmarking, targeted alerts, field mission, business opportunity detection…)
    • Training  about port intelligence (port gouvernance & operations organization, key decision-makers, PPP, dry bulk logistics chain optimization…)
  • To complete these services, DSG Consultants proposes different information products :
    • Port profiles, Statistics reports, Strategical maps (market, players, flows)
  • You can also subscribe to our restricted information area “Espace Pro” to get more customized information
  • Legal information about DSG Consultants 
    • Limited Company (SARL) with 10.000 € equity capital
    • HQ : Les Bureaux du Parc – Bat C – Allée de Barcelone – 66350 Toulouges (France)
    • RCS Perpignan (France) / SIRET : 533 269 809 00018 / APE 7022C

DSG Consultants management


Sophie ROBERT spécialiste de la logistique des vracs secs

Associée et cogérante de DsG Consultants, elle a été pendant 16 ans, consultante sénior dans le domaine portuaire (maritime et fluvial), chargée de clientèle et responsable France, chez RDM Consultants. Spécialisée dans les filières vrac secs : matériaux construction et agro-alimentaires.

Diplômée de Sup de Co Chambéry et de l’ESMA (Ecole de Commerce, Barcelone) Anglais courant et bilingue espagnol

Savoir-faire  – Analyses de filières, de flux, d’hinterland; études de marché et de faisabilité; analyses benchmark  et veille concurrentielle. Avant-projets de terminaux vracs. Représentation d’équipementiers et intermédiaire dans achat/vente de matériels portuaires d’occasion (bennes, silos, ensacheuses, trémies…). – Interventions “terrain”, pour apprécier les contraintes logistiques et techniques réelles, rencontrer les parties prenantes d’un dossier ou suivre et accompagner des projets portuaires.

Interventions récentes 


Sylvie DOUTRES – Port development & strategy expert

Associate and co-managing director of  DsG Consultants, she previously managed  RDM Consultants during 10 years. Port Senior consultant since 1992, she mainly took actions in Southern Europe and Mediterranean countries. International business development & sales and IT are her key functions in DSG management team.

Master 2 in international trade (option export logistics) and Master 1 in economics (option management) – French native; English and Spanish fluent; Italian and Catalan spoken and read

Know-how   Market & feasability study. Benchmarking. Logistics expertise. Marketing assistance. Industrial real estate selection. Supply / Demand analysis (building materials, minerals, energetics products, fruit & vegetables, ro-ro…). Statistics databases & traffic forecast. Port systems audit & intelligence. Business management & negotation. International Field missions. Conference speaker.

Recent realizations


Email :  s.robert@dsgconsultants.com Téléphone: +33 (0)6 11 55 65 19


Email :  s.doutres@dsgconsultants.com Téléphone: +33 (0)6 12 06 92 51

Our added values

Experience and resources

Human and technical resources

  • S.Doutres et S.Robert respectively benefit from 25 and 20 years of experience as senior consultants in port sector within several consulting offices.
  • For these years they have developped a diversified relational network over about 20 countries, particularly in Southern Europe, around Mediterranean basin, the Black Sea and in French-Speaking African countries:
    • Port authorities and operators, users, traders, institutionals, investors, engineering offices, consultants, journalists…
    • Shipping agents assisting DSG in statistic or port information gathering in different Med ports
  • DSG regularly participates to main port and maritime events in Europe
    • SITL Paris, Transport Logistik Messe Munich , SIL Barcelone, TOC Europe, Bulk Terminal Operators, Assises de la Mer France, Port Finances International…
  • DSG Consultants also dispose of:
    • a document library actualized and enhanced for 20 years over more than 500 port sites: activity reports, brochures, statistics, mapping, address books, photos and newspapers.
    • Access to databases specialized in shipping, statistics and legal details.
    • Competencies in business intelligence on internet (software of website captures, targeted alerts, etc…)

A customer-oriented SME

DSG is a small company composed of 2 expert consultants directly involved with customers, which enables an optimal reactivity in demands processing. Given that the administrative tasks have been outsourced, the consultants can focus on their core businesses.

For missions requiring larger resources, we dispose of a network of independent senior consultants, to whom we can rely on to complete our services offers, or to assist us on specific aspects (financial, technical, legal).

Statistical or documentary studies can be handed (after customer’s acceptance) to junior consultants or business school students, with which we have settled partnerships.

This flexible and adaptable organization enables us to propose attractive costs and products accurately answering customer’ needs.

Our specialization in dry bulk commodities and our knowledge of French and Mediterranean ports systems allows us to contribute to bigger studies (such as calls for tenders) by joint-contracting or sub-contracting with international consultancy firms.

Specialized in dry bulk and commercial ports

  • Over the last 20 years, S.Doutres and S.Robert (DSG) have acquired an expertise of industries, port logistics and maritime transport of dry powdered bulk commodities, such as:
    • Solid fuel (coal, pet coke)
    • Building raw materials (cement, clinker, clay, limestone, gypsum, aggregates, etc…)
    • Agri-bulk (cereals, fertilizers, cattle feed)
    • Minerals and slags
    • Biomass
    • Scrap iron
  • DSG is also able to perform field and actors analysis in the liquid bulk (energy or agricultural), breakbulk (fruits & vegetables, wooden products, vehicles, scrap iron…) or containerized cargoes.
  • DSG exclusively intervenes in commercial ports, whether maritime of fluvial
    • More than 500 maritime ports studies including 50 visited each year.
    • Accurate expertise of the networks anf fluvial European ports, with an aknowledge competency in this domain in France.

An international expertise

Beyond its port competency, aknowledged in France, DSG and its consultants have acquired an expertise in animating a network of professionals and the realization of mission overseas.

  • Multilingual consultants (French, English, Spanish, Italian, Catalan) opened to world habits and customs, and having a knowledge in organizing and achieving business trips and missions abroad.
  • A geographic location between France and Spain opened on the Mediterranean Sea, with a bicultural identity and a strong Catalan attachment (partnership with Euram Catalunya Nord club, cross-bordering commission UPE66, Propeller Club of Barcelona
  • network of pertners or information relays in Southern Europe, Mediterranean basin and French-Speaking Africa on which we can rely for targeted missions: shipping agents in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Turkey; correspondents in Morocco, Cameroon, Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, Ukraine, Romania…
  • An accurate knowledge of port systems and handling sector in European countries, Mediterranean area and French-speaking Africa, permanently actualized by an informational watch
  • periodic involvments to exhibitions and conferences outside France in order to develop informal network abroad
  • collaboration with external consultants reputed in France and abroad (Eversheds LLD, Sea-Tech, Catram, Egis Ports, Systra, Artelia…) where some have subsidiaries or offices.

A network of partners

DSG Consultants is a serious partner for national or international cabinets, whether generalists or in engineering, to whom it brings its expertise of French and Med ports, dry bulk commodities or French-speaking territories.
As part of answering call for bids in France or abroad, DSG Consultants may be led to tie partnerships with other consultants by joint-contracting or sub-contracting in order to propose the best answer to the ordering institution or person.
By this way, DSG Consultants intervenes in numerous large scale Port studies (assistance in project management, development plan schemes, concessions or PPP agreements and renewals…) We already worked with Eversheds LLD, Sea-Tech, Egis Ports, Catram, Roland Berger, BMT-HiQ Sigma, Arup, MTBS…