Analysis & Studies

Market & sector analysis

Specialized in bulk commodities logistics, DsG Consultants has developed an expertise in sector analysis that can be transposed to other sectors, such as general cargoes (fruits, steel products, wood, etc…). These analyses are tailor-made according to the amount of details needed, the delays of delivery or the geographical coverage.

Thus, DsG Consultants is able to supply a quick overview with short demand and supply analysis on most of dry bulk sectors in France of Southern Europe at competitive prices (less than 5.000€ -tax not included – for 2-3 days delay)

Deeper analysis are always carried out with face to face interviews to key players and stakeholders of the tergeted sector or market and on-the-field visits of sites.

For the study of port costs in France or in Europe, (ship costs, goods and/or handling costs), DSG uses the official rates of the ports in a calculation tool, in Excel, on the basis of typical ships (basic rates, discount…). Handling rates are requested from operators via “proforma” or estimated (based on equipment or personnel used).

DSG make a benchmark analysis of the wishes costs and delivers an Excel file, of visualisation elements and a page per port.


illustration couts

Feasability & preliminary studies

When a new terminal or a port extention is planned, prior to the engineering works or technical feasability studies, DsG Consultants can carry out strategic and marketing preliminary diagnosis.

DsG’s added value rely on its expertise of dry bulk sectors and their maritime logistics completed by its knowledge of ports’ and operators’ strategies. A preliminary assessment is always necessary to place the projects in its international environment and measure its relevance, especially in the perspective of investment financing.


  • 1- Macroeconomic diagnosis
    • Regional/international foreign trade flows analysis
    • Overview of the Hinterland / Foreland services and their evolution
    • Assessment of potential traffics with eventual modal reports


  • 2- Microeconomic analysis
    • Edetailed market study of key sectors and their evolution
    • Identification and assessment of port customers (shippers, ship owners, operators) – evaluation form, questionnaires and targeted ground surveys.
    • Enlightening of potential clients’ needs


  • 3- Strategic analysis of the port and its environment
    • SWOT analysis
    • Benchmarking
    • Competitive positionning
    • Identification of levers and barriers for the realization of the project


  • 4- Identification and search of potential investors (private and public)


  • 5- PR and marketing support all along the project: organization of B to B meetings, interviews and site visit organization

Cargoes traffics & flows databases

DsG Consultants is able to perform maritime and/or inland flows analysis and monitoring, to feed statistics data bases (data gathering and processing) in the framework of temporary or long term tergeted watch.

DsG manages a network of ship agents or consultants based in the targeted country or port to help in the data gathering. DsG has a web crawler software at its disposal and has developed and expertise in capturing and processing information from the web.

For these missions, DsG is rapidly operationnal on most European and Mediterranean countries.

Such missions are divided in the following 5-6 different steps

  • 1- Selection of relevant sources of informations (datamining)
  • 2- Data gathering
    • With our partners (shipping agency) and our informal network (port authorities)
    • Internet searches
    • Purchase of statistical data if needed (Eurostat, GTA, etc…)
    • Subscription to specialized data bases (LloydsIntelligence SeaSearcher, AIS, GTA…)
  • 3- Data cross-checking and processing
  • 4- Data analysis and reporting
    • Delivrable report and dashboards
    • Graphs, strategic maps, tables
  • 5- Settlement of long term statistics monitoring
    • Internet watch and early-alerts
    • Selection of local agents and management of agent’s network.
  • 6- Creation and update of statistics bases and dashboards (Excel files)
  • Examples of realization :
    • Industrial: assessment of thermal coal flows exchanged by French ports and setting up of  a monthly flows reporting.
    • International trading company: management of ship agents’ network in the Mediterranean Sea and monthly update of a maritime dry bulk flows data bases.

Port related Business opportunities assessment & rating

  • identification adn assessment of trade opportunities (M&A, port facilities sale/purchase, partnerships)
    • Selection of potential prospects
    • Preliminary interviews (confidential or not) and studies
    • Connecting people
    • Support of external development
    • PPP assistance and Due-dilligence (marketing issues)

Example: Pre-selection of a partner in Spain for a bulk operator – days mission + report and recommendations: 3.000€ -tax not included + expenses

  • Site rating for development projects in Port & logistics areas
    • Sited selections and SWOT analysis
    • Bid follow up and support
    • Stakeholders analysis – Sponsors & threats assessment

Example : assessment of land availability in one Blask Sea port for the establishment of a coal power station: 1 preparation day, 3 visit and interview days on site, 2 days report and recommendation: 7.500 -tax not included + expenses


  • Assistance in communication, commercial and public relations actions
    • Representation of second hand and port equipment suppliers
    • Port project follow-up
    • Organization of port visits or professional meetings
    • Participation to conferences or exhibitions on behalf of third parties
    • Editorial collaboration with specialized newspapers and magasines

Example : commercial networking on behalf of a Spanish dust-free hopper manufacturer. DsG usually takes a 1 to 5% success-fees, according to investment amount.