Dry bulk Spanish Port costs study now available

Clinker sur Muelle Norte du port de Gijon

The study carried out by Estrada Port Consulting- EPC, in partnership with  DSG Consultants, about port costs of industrial dry bulk is now available on the web site of the Observatory of Port services managed by Puertos del Estado.  The analysis is focused on key products of cement industry (cement & clinker), steel (minerals & scrap) and energy sector (coal, petcoke). All Spanish ports and private terminals handling these products were visited, interviewed and analyzed.  A tailor-made calculation model has been designed to get all detailed port costs of 2-3 vessels types, including port dues, nautical services & Marpol fees, land occupation, handling and storage costs…Results from Spanish ports have been benchmarked with data from Foreign ports (in France, Italy, Portugal and Turkey) for similar operations.

A huge work involving 22 Spanish and 13 Foreign ports, 48 operators/terminals in Spain et 17 abroad, 95 different traffic types ! Thanks to this experience and its methodology,   DSG Consultants can propose now personalized analysis about port costs in France or Foreign countries for any kind of industrial dry bulk.

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Link to the study on Puertos del Estado web sitehttps://bit.ly/2YlndTB