Speaking at ASHTRANS 2022 Conference

Sylvie Doutres speaking at Ashtrans 2022
Sylvie Doutres speaking at Ashtrans 2022 conference

For the first time, Sylvie Doutres, our senior consultant and associate, was invited to speak at the ASHTRANS conference held at Manchester (UK) last 5th and 6th of September 2022. Her presentation was about « SCM (granulated slag, ground granulated slag, fly ashes) trade flows in/out Euromed, 2022 situation and expected evolution for 2023« . The event was a success with interesting outlooks about fly ashes (PFA) markets and future applications.

Sylvie’s presentation was showing 1st semester 2022 statistics issued from our trade flows databases. Over last 5 years, we have developed trade flows databases, using Customs data or Vessel’s movements tracking. Thanks to our expertise in dry bulk commodities, and especially building materials, in Euromed area, we can provide updated and valuable insights that we include in our market analysis or personnalized missions to accompagny your port & maritime strategy and development.